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Alright, nail enthusiasts, it’s time to talk blueberry milk nails. Picture this: a soft, creamy blue hue, not too bold, not too shy, just casually stealing the spotlight. It’s like your nails have sipped a blueberry milkshake and are flaunting the delicious glow.

This aesthetic works on every skin tone and with any nail shape. So, whether you rock almond, square, or coffin nails, blueberry milk’s got you covered.

What are blueberry milk nails?


This delicious trend is a sneaky sibling of the milk bath nails trend. Still confused? Think of those nails that looked like they were luxuriating in a milk bath. Now, picture that, but add a blueberry twist.

Our blueberry milk color is the edgier cousin, a bit more saturated but still maintains that dreamy, just-woke-up-like-this vibe.

How to get blueberry milk nails

Want to get the blueberry milk look? Grab a pastel blue nail polish, or get a little adventurous and mix white and blue to make your own blueberry milk concoction. For that runway-wet look, top it off with a sheer top coat.

How about a quick and dirty guide to get the perfect blueberry milk nails?

  1. Start with a base coat. This isn’t just a priming ritual, it’s a protective barrier against the wrath of nail stains.
  2. Slather on two coats of your blueberry milk nail polish. Double coat = double fun.
  3. Seal the deal with a sheer top coat. It’ll make your nails look glossy and as fresh as the day you painted them.



Best blueberry milk nail polishes

Now, let’s talk arsenal. We all need the right tools, right? Here are some top-notch nail polishes to achieve that perfect blueberry milk aesthetic:

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Blueberry Nail Trendsetters

You know where this luscious trend sprouted from? South Korea! Yeah, they know their nail game. This trend quickly became a worldwide sensation, proving once again that nail trends are a universal language. Over there, it’s paired with the popular blueberry milk drink, a milky beverage jazzed up with blueberry syrup. Yum!

Okay, enough chit-chat. The real proof is in the real-world adoption, right? Let’s name-drop some celebs spotted flaunting blueberry milk nails:

Source: Getty / Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

The ultra-glam Zendaya


Pop sensation Dua Lipa


The trendy Sofia Richie

So, are you ready to dive into the blueberry milk pool? It’s simple, it’s chic, and it’s high time you gave your nails a taste of this luscious trend. Trust us, you’ll have everyone asking, “Who did your nails?


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