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Hey there, grads-to-be! Got that graduation cap ready to fly, and your Instagram captions locked and loaded? But wait, have you thought about what’s going to steal the show as you grip that diploma? Yep, you got it – your nails! It’s time to nail that graduation day look (pun totally intended!) with some serious mani magic.

Frequently Asked Graduation Nail Questions

  1. What color should I paint these bad boys for graduation?
  2. How do I transform my nails into miniature mortarboards? (Yes, you read that right.)
  3. Should I be getting my nails done yesterday for graduation?

No stress, we’ve got all these burning questions covered in the guide ahead.

Graduation Nail Color Trends


School Spirit Vibes: Okay, so you’re ready to rep your school one last time. What better way than sporting your school colors on your fingertips? Go all out with a fierce design or keep it sleek with color block simplicity.


Neutrals for the Win: Maybe you’re the subtle, sophisticated type. Rock the stage with chic nude and neutral tones for a classic, timeless look. Your nails will scream elegance, even if you’re partying hard inside.

Living on the Edge: If you’re more of a stand-out-from-the-crowd grad, light up the room with a pop of neon or some eye-catching metallics. After all, graduation is your time to shine (literally).

Graduation Nail Art


Cap It Off: Wondering how to create that cute mini grad cap on your nails? We’ve got your back (and your nails). Follow our step-by-step guide below and let the compliments roll in!


Your Degree, Your Nails: What better way to show off those years of hard work than with degree-related nail art? Think tiny law books for Law grads, a mini palette for Art majors, or chemical structures for Chemistry whizzes. The sky’s the limit!


Year It Up: Make it personal by representing your grad year on your nails. Whether you keep it simple with a ’23 or go all out with a rhinestone explosion, this is your year to sparkle.

“Cap It Off” Nail Art Guide:

Ready for some next-level nail artistry? Making a graduation cap on your nails is like a DIY project on your fingertips. Start with a base color that’ll make your mini mortarboard pop. Once that’s dry, paint a square on the tip of your nail using a nail striper and black polish. This forms the top of your cap. Next, paint a thin line from the center of the square to your cuticle – that’s your tassel! To really hit the scholarly vibes home, finish it off with a small rhinestone at the end of the tassel line. Add a clear top coat, and voila, you’ve got a graduation cap that’s going places (literally). Just remember to snap a picture before the applause begins!

Nail Care Tips Before Graduation

  1. It’s About Timing: Wondering when to get those nails glammed up for D-day? Ideally, a day or two before the big event will keep them looking fresh and chip-free.
  2. Prep Like a Pro: Make sure your nails are in prime condition before your appointment. Think hydration, gentle filing, and absolutely no nail-biting (yeah, we see you!).
  3. Keep ‘Em Fresh: Learn the art of minimal chip and scratch by packing a tiny nail care kit for emergencies. Remember, a top coat is your best friend.


Graduation is your time to shine, and your nails should totally be in on that action. So go ahead, make your personal nail statement, and strut across that stage knowing your nails are as ready for the real world as you are. So go forth, graduate, and remember – you’ve nailed it!


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