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Halloween is coming up, and if you’re like me, you want to have the perfect nails for the big night. Okay, all of October too. So what are the latest and greatest trends in Halloween press-on nails? I’ve got the top 30 hottest Halloween press-on nail ideas for 2022 right here! Whether you’re looking for something spooky or glamorous, these nails will have you looking your best this Halloween! Happy haunting!

Short Halloween nails

Colorful gothic squoval press on nails

Color me OBSESSED with these short squoval kind-of gothic Halloween nails. You could seriously wear these all year long, but they are super cute for Halloween! Called Totem’s Night, these black Halloween nails are just right.

Spirited Away Ghost Halloween Nails 648x648 1

These Spirited Away inspired nails in black, white, and nude are super cute and understated at the same time. I love the soft oval shape and amazing detail. A perfect Halloween style that’s not your typical ghoulish ghost.

Black french tip Halloween nail design.

You can never go wrong with a black french tip for Halloween. Get them in a moody square style or in a classic oval.

cute ghost halloween nails 648x486 1

If you’re looking for max cuteness with a hint of dark, these are the perfect match. Those little ghosts!

White french tip with decals Halloween Disney nails

If you love variety and Disney, consider grabbing a set of these Disney Halloween decals. It comes with 16 sheets that are a blend of Halloween and fall designs so you can mix and match. I love how it looks here with an understated white french tip, so the designs really pop.

white halloween ghost nails design 611x648 1

If you like to keep it minimal, these white and nude press-on nails are for you. The cute little ghosts are subtle for just the right amount of Halloween spirit.

Medium Halloween Nails

Medium Halloween Press on nails 576x648 1

These medium almond press-on nails have a ghoulish black, orange, and white design. I love the dabbled orange with the white outlines – it’s super cute!

Lavender French Tip with black Halloween Nails 486x648 1

These angled lavender french tip nails with 3-dimensional bats and stars are super unique.

Gothic black and white ballerina nails 648x648 1

I love a simple gothic press-on nail for Halloween. The variety of this set is super cute and trendy without being over the top.

White french tip Halloween nails with red drops of blood

Is 2022 the year of French tips for Halloween? These bloody Halloween press-on nails are the perfect amount of gore mixed with sweet for Halloween.

red french tip nails for halloween 648x648 1

If french tips are your style, here’s another set of nails, this time with red tips and a few drips of red down a couple of the nails. Keeping the Halloween gore simple and classy!

Black ballerina nails in a witchy style for Halloween

Black ballerina nails with a witchy motif are a no-brainer for Halloween.

Nude press on nails with a white spider web at the tips

These spider web press-on nails are a fun and simple Halloween style. I love the single spider to complement the white webs!

Nude press on nails with a white spider web at the tips

Orange and black Halloween nails are a tradition, but this modern press-on kit gives it a whole new twist. The black french tip with the orange grid feels super modern and the little ghosts keeps it cute.

Purple, green, white, and black Beetlejuice press on nails

No Halloween is complete with some Beetlejuice. I love that these are different from the typical sets so that they aren’t so, dare I say, Beetlejuice?

Black press-on halloween nails with rhinestones and skulls

Rhinestone crosses. Skulls. Clawed hands. Gothic Halloween to the max. These would pair great with your LBD for a costume-free Halloween party.

Matte black medium Halloween nails

You can’t go wrong with a simple, matte black nail for Halloween. This ballerina shape looks great, but you could rock this color on any nail shape.

Long Halloween Nails

Dark red to black ombre Halloween nail design

There’s nothing quite like a blood-red nail for Halloween, and I’m living for this ombre-to-black design. Talk about a sultry Halloween design!

Long pink Halloween nails

If you’re looking for a cute Halloween nail design, consider switching up colors and going for this cute pink design!

Pink and black Halloween nails 648x648 1

Speaking of pink, this pink and black nail combo is so fun. Talk about a killer nail design.

Kiss glow in the dark Halloween press-on nails

Everyone loves Kiss’ Halloween press-on nails and for good reason. This amazing black and orange set of nails glows in the dark! How cute would this simple design be at a Halloween party?

Nightmare Before Christmas long grey coffin nails with one glitter nail

What’s Halloween without the Nightmare Before Christmas? These matte grey coffin nails with one sparkle nail feel 100% on trend with a dash of 90’s nails for good measure.

Glow in the dark nails with a Nightmare Before Christmas design

While we’re on the topic of the Nightmare Before Christmas, how about these UV press-on’s that glow in the dark!?

Orange sparkle and pink coffin nails with jack-o-lanterns for Halloween

Pink and orange sparkles with Jack-o-lanterns? Yes, please! This unusual color palette is totally on the mark for this year’s hot new Halloween nail trends.

Orange sparkle and pink coffin nails with jack-o-lanterns for Halloween

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween theme, these press-on’s have you covered.

Matte black stiletto nails with glossy spider web design for Halloween

These stiletto nails in matte black with a gloss spider-web design are total luxe.

black press on nails with red bottoms 648x632 1

This look was made for long nails. An undercoat of red gives a pop of decadent color underneath the nail with a fresh coat of black on top.

Purple Halloween nails with glitter and bats

Purple Halloween nails are always the perfect shade of moody and totally unexpected. We see black and maroon nails all the time, but the luxe purple is an amazing dark alternative. I love these black ballerina coffin nails with a subtle purple ombre, a touch of sparkle, and cute little bats.

Scream Halloween nails with bloody tips

If you love horror movies, these scream nails were made for you. The simple red and white design with the single black nail is stunning.

chucky halloween press on nails 1 533x648 1

Keeping on theme, these Chucky press-on nails are the things of nightmares. In a good way, of course. Could these be the ultimate Halloween nails?

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